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Wanglong Lake


Wang Long Lake is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Jhentoushan Agricultural Leisure Area. With views of surrounding mountains and shimmering lake, it’s a great place for you to relax. You can either take a walk along the lake or challenge more difficult hiking trails.

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Leigong Pond


The reconstructed Leigong Pond is now equipped with a walkway, a water-playing area, a fishing area and a washing platform. Visitors can take a walk under the willow trees and admire the water lilies floating in the pond. Visitors can also experience the tranquility and the secluded atmosphere here.

With abundant freshwater fish in the pond, Leigong Pond is an excellent spot for fishing all year round. In summertime, the refreshing clear water, the knee-high water-playing area, the washing platform, and the trenches are the best places for children to cool off and enjoy clam hunting and shrimp catching.

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Da Jiaoxi


Originating from Da Jiaoxi Mountain, Da Jiaoxi Creek is one of the branches of Yilan River, as well as a part of Lanyang River. Visitors can enjoy the clear water, fishing and the pleasant fragrance spread by ginger lily along the river bank.

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