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Red-Heart Guava


芭樂的產期大約在農曆7月份至翌年的4月左右,最佳的品嚐期是9月-12月。 芭樂是一種很好的減肥水果,因為芭樂所含的糖量低,纖維高,維生素均衡。紅心芭樂,是經農民嫁接改良而成的特殊品種,其口感、香味都再升一級。為枕頭山休閒農業區主要推廣的產業之ㄧ。

Guava production spans from July to the following April of the lunar calendar, with the best period for enjoying this delicious fruit occurring between September and December. Valued for its low sugar content, high fiber, and well-balanced vitamins, guava is an excellent choice for those focusing on weight control. The Red-heart guava, an improved iteration of Taiwan's native red-fleshed guava, is popular within the Jhen Tou Shan Agricultural Leisure Area. Cultivated through grafting, this version boasts superior taste and fragrance, making it the most sought-after guava variety in the region.

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Kumquat, a small, perennial evergreen tree belonging to the Rutaceae family, is renowned for its golden and beautiful fruit, earning it the name "golden orange" in Chinese. Thriving in cool environments, kumquats find an ideal habitat on the east side of the Lanyang Plain, facing the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by mountains on three other sides. The region's  rainy and damp winter and spring seasons create perfect conditions for kumquat cultivation, making Yilan the primary production hub in Taiwan.

Kumquats have a firm and fine skin, the color of gold. They are not only enjoyed fresh, but are also widely processed before being sold. Described in the Compendium of Materia Medica, kumquats are noted for their sour and sweet flavor, coupled with a non-toxic mild nature. Consuming kumquats can help moisturize the throat, stimulate saliva production to quench thirst, leave a fresh mouthfeel, and facilitate digestion.

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About Oval Kumquat

Shape and appearance:

Long, oval full shape

Place of production:

Jiaoxi of Lanyang Plain, Yilan County

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